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Beauty is an art
we have mastered for you.
DR. KO Clinic was founded in 1997 by Dr. Ko Chung Beng, who believed in empowering individuals with the youth, agelessness and beauty that they feel inside. Years later, he and his dedicated team are still delivering on that belief – by providing a comprehensive range of aesthetic services such as chemical peeling, botox, filler, lasers for pigmantation, hair removal Lasers, Tightening lasers and so on.

With Dr. Ko at the helm, DR. KO Clinic has become one of Asia's leading dermatology and laser centres, attracting medical professionals and clients from all across the globe.
With us, you have a vast choice of non-invasive to minimally invasive beauty solutions at your fingertips. Our team of doctors are the top experts in laser technologies and aesthetic innovations. Rest assured that our state-of-the-art equipment is wielded by fully-trained professionals to give you the best possible treatment and outcome.

We are very passionate about helping you feel your best. Come and talk to us. We are more than ready to listen to your beauty concerns and advise you on how you can achieve the most pleasing outcome, so start your journey with us today and celebrate a new you.