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  • World first laser with a novel wavelength 1444nm.
  • Wavelength specially tuned for high fat and water absorption.
  • High fat absorption for the most effective fat destruction.
  • High water absorption to limit unnecessary thermal damage to nearby peripheral tissues.
  • Laser with high peak power and short (100 μsec) pulse duration to limit the heat spread to surrounding tissues and induce a more selective damage.

Clinical Indications (Body)
  • Body contouring especially in Dense Fibrous Region
    • Upper abdomen
    • Flank, Back
    • Lat. thigh
    • Calf reduction
  • Osmidrosis, Hyperhidrosis
  • Gynecomastia
  • Striae(Stretch Marks)
  • Varicose vein
  • Etc – OBGY, GS
Clinical Indications (Face)
  • Nasolabial fold(~50 yrs) cf) Deep NLF
  • Jawline refinement
    • Jowl
    • V-line
    • Pentagonal Jaw after Botox
    • Prominent Chin
  • Reduction of Lower Cheek
  • Submental Fat
  • Lipoma, Paraffinoma, Orbital Fat
  • Etc
    • Malar Reduction(? Malar Fat Pad)
    • Correction of Asymmery after OP
    • AccuLift(NLF+Jowl+skin tightening)

Aesthetic Medicine