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The Past And The Future

Aesthetic corrections of the face have traditionally been performed with injectable, re-absorbable products. Although often satisfactory, their effect is only short-term and the treatment must be repeated frequently at short intervals.

MESO-LIPO Procedure
AQUAMIDTM is non re-absorbable, long-lasting product for facial correction. It does not become hard once injected and does not migrate from the point of injection. Scientific research has shown that the gel will stay in its place unchanged for at least 10 years and there is no reason to expect any changes after this period. The cosmetic result is satisfying for both you and the doctor and the procedure does not have to be repeated once the desired result is achieved. In 80% of cases this is after one or two procedures. Progressive ageing of the skin does continue and if required, AQUAMIDTM Extra can be injected as necessary.

What can AQUAMIDTM be used for?

AQUAMIDTM can be used to:
• Make lip fuller
• Remodel or enhance cheeks
• Remodel or remove chin clefts
• Remove or reduce deep wrinkles and folds around the lips, nose and between eyebrows
• Reduce the prominence of scars
• Other types of facial correction
• Make aesthetic/ reconstructive augmentation on the body due to congenital, post-traumatic, postsurgical tissue insufficiency
• Smooth dimples after liposuction
• Nose correction

Aesthetic Medicine