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WON Cosjet TR

is a high powered medical Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser device. The laser profile adopts a true uniform Top Hat beam quality which minimises energy spikes and reduces side effects on skin. It is ease of use and high energy capability conforms to any professional practitioner who is in demand for safe and effective clinical results for a number of pigmentation indications, acne clearance and tattoo removal. Cosjet TR is the next generation in laser devices with its small profile and versatile functionality.
Cosjet TR Applications

Laser Toning
- Melasma
- Nevus of Ota
- Acne & Pore Size

Dermal Lesions
- Tattoo Ink
- Nevus Ota/Ito/Blue

Laser Peel

- Soft Laser Peel
- Genesis Laser Peel

Epidermal Lesions
- Age spots - S.K. (Seborreic Keratosis)
- Lentigo (Simplex, Solar)
- Frackles
- Cafe au Lait
- Becker's nevus

Aesthetic Medicine