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Derma Queen
Redefining Aesthetic & Anti-aging injection

- A Novel Aesthetic & Anti-aging injection System
- The First Multi-Needle & Vacuum Injection System
- The Most Efficient & Effective Injection Treatment

It is a Multi-Application Platform
- Full face, Neck around eyes, Breast, The back of the hand

Derma Queen Rejuvenation
Clear, Radiant Skin Can Be Yours!

No matter your age or skin type, DermaQueen is a revolutionary way to help you recover a radiant, clear look.

Efficacious DermaQueen : Significant Dermal Treatment with equal medicine diffusion through the whole face.

DermaQueen effectively delivers non cross linked HA mixed with Dermal Toxin A or B into the mid dermis Layer which is in need of HA supply via 2x2 disposable multi needle.

The equal supply of HA through the whole face Generates synergy effect thus we can get better results compared to the conventional way (unequal and inaccurate supply).

Treatment Programmes
Personalised programs can be designed for each patient depending on the condition of the skin.
It is recommended that 4 treatments be carried out every 3 months.

DermaQueen Rejuvenation results in improvement of :
- Melasma
- Acne
- Atopy
- Hair Regrowth
- Whitening, Hydration, Elasticity

Why DermaQueen?
Accurate, Easy, Safe & Less Pain, Efficient & Effective

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