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Frequently Asked Questions About ‘doublo’

What is doublo?
doublo is a non-invasive face lifting and skin tightening equipment using ultrasound energy to lift the loosen skin with no pain and downtime.

What kind of technology does doublo use?
doublo uses HIFU technology - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound which used to cure cancers such as uterine cancer, breast cancer and liver cancer. Now it is a new type of method for aesthetic use.

Is doublo a surgical equipment?
Unlike other surgical procedure, doublo is non-invasive addressing the ultrasound energy to only deeper area of the skin without damaging the surface of the skin.

How does doublo work?
doublo emits and transfers the high intensity focused ultrasound energy to deep structures without cutting or damaging the surface of the skin and stimulates the body to naturally regenerate collagen. Over some period of time, skin will begin to lift / tighten allowing you to look young again.

How does doublo make the body naturally regenerate collagen?
Collagen is a matrix of fibrous proteins and it is in a firmly connected form giving the skin youthfulness. As human get aged, collagen loses its elasticity and firmness because of the gravity that pulls the skin to downwards. By forming coagulation zones of deep dermis and SMAS layers, skin goes through wounding and healing process that naturally remodels and regenerates new collagen.

How is doublo different from other treatment?
Typical skin lasers target only the superficial skin layers for wrinkles, fine wrinkles and pigment changes. And energy like Radio Frequency, used for non-invasive face lifting, targets up to deep dermis and subcutaneous fat. However, doublo addresses not only deep dermis but also deeper area where we call SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System), which is correct area to target for face lifting treatment.

What and Where is the SMAS layer?
SMAS is an acronym for Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System. It refers to an area of musculature of the face. This is the correct area to manipulate during facial cosmetic surgery, especially rhytidectomy.

What is the main target of doublo?
doublo is to treat loose and sagging skin. Especially, doublo is CE cleared for eyebrow lifting, treating the nastily dropped eyelid which improves an overall look.

Who are good / bad candidates for doublo treatment?
Mild-to-moderate Ptoses of facial skin, fat, and SMAS
- Lateral Brow Descension
- Orbital Hooding
- Pseudoptosis of Eyelid Skin
- Anterior Midface Skin/Fat and SMAS Ptoses
- Nasolabial Folds, Marionette Folds, and Jowls
- Submental and Lateral Skin/Fat and SMAS Ptoses
Severe condition to facial skin, fat and SMAS
Severe Actinically damaged skin
Severe Thin Skin (Porcelain)
Severe Acne Scarring
Severe Fat Volume (Full face)
Severe Laxity of Skin Fat and SMAS
Collagen-Immune Diseases

How long does it take to do doublo treatment?
Normally it takes 30-40 minutes for a full face and it takes less time for partial face treatment.

When can you expect to see result?
One out of five patients will see immediate effect and it will be better in three weeks. After three months of collagen remodeling and rebuilding process, more improvements will be found up to six months.

How long does this result last? How often do I need treatment?
It varies patient to patient depending on their skin laxity condition and their body reaction to the ultrasound, but normally we recommend having a single treatment in one year considering skin to age. Some may get benefits from more than a single session which your practitioner will review with you.

Are there any side effects?
There may be little redness for few hours and in some cases slight swelling but it is mild and temporary that patient can go back to daily life right after treatment. Uncommon effects like linear superficial burn might occur depending on the patient and your practitioner will advice you more of further possible side effects.

How is the pain?
The pain will vary patient to patient but the pain or the discomfort from this treatment is tolerable because of local anesthesia.

Is there any downtime?
It is totally non-invasive procedure of face lifting and skin tightening treatment which does not accompany downtime. Patients can go back to their daily life right away without any special care.

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