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Take care of your face and would like to have a safe effective filling treatment. You want a natural elegant result. You know that hyaluronic acid has become the reference product for injections.

Anteis has developed a poly-densified hyaluronic acid gel for you : Esthélis®

What is Esthélis®?
Esthélis® is a new generation of wrinkle filling implants containing hyaluronic acid. Esthélis® is prepared from bio fermentative hyaluronic acid, by a patented dynamic reticulation process. The unique poli-densified cohesive gel, which is easy to administer. Esthélis® is supplied to your doctor sterile and packaged in a ready-to-use, disposable glass syringe.

Esthélis® is the result of a new manufacturing technology, and of 20 years of cumulative experience: the Cohesive Polydensified Matrix(CPM) technology.

What are the advantages of Esthélis®?
Esthélis® can be used immediately with no prior test. The cohesively and elasticity of the Esthélis® matrix allow treatment without overcorrection. The Esthélis® injection is administered by a professional doctor, and takes approximately 30 minutes to perform.

After 24 to 48 hours, you will have an almost final result, which is particularly stable and long lasting. The specific bio-degradation profile of Esthélis® optimises its hydration and filling effect : this is the result of the CPM ® techonology
What type of treatment can Esthélis® be used for?
Esthélis® is used in filling treatment for wrinkles such as nasal furrows, glabellar wrinkles(between the eyebrows), laughter lines and crows feet. Esthélis® can also be used for augmentation of the lips, cheeks or chin. Esthélis® is particularly suitable for major filling, with injection into the middle or deep dermis because of its BASIC formulation.

Esthélis® also enables superficial treatment with complete suppleness and finesse thanks to its SOFT formulation. The cohesive structure of Esthélis® allows bio-interactive positioning of the implant within the dermis, and a lifting effect on the epidermis.

What are the characteristics of Esthélis®?
Esthélis® is a cohesive, elastic gel obtained by reticulation of hyaluronic acid. Esthélis® is transparent, insoluble and sterile. Esthélis® is entirely biocompatible and resorbable. Because of its monophasic particle-free structure, Esthélis® is particularly well bio-integrated into the dermis. Before being packaged in its syringe, Esthélis® is ultra-purified and cleansed of any impurity. The poly-densified structure of Esthélis® optimizes its stability, but at the same time, it is entirely biodegradable.

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