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Peeling System
The JetPeelTM2 device is designed for a less dramatic controlled injury than the JetPeelTM and does not cause significant bleeding or need an aspiration system. Superficial peeling destruction is limited to the stratum granulosum and stratum spinulosum, or can extend through the full thickness of epidermis to the papillary dermis. The use of a series of JetPeelTM2 superficial peels provides good results for actinic damage and fine lines, and can be used as a skin refresher. A series of superficial peels by the JetPeelTM2 is the safest way to approach actinic damage and dyschromia in non facial areas (e.g., arms, hands, chest, neck, back, legs). Extent of damage can be chosen by the operator - actually by the distance between the JetPeel2's handpiece and the skin surface and by the velocity of scanning. Facial rhytides are a common problem that often present for treatment. Because of the tendency for rhytides to involve delicate tissue areas, traditional treatment modalities have been limited by complications of scarring or pigment alterations. One of the most popular single cosmetic uses for JetPeelTM2 resurfacing is the perioral area. No other technique has shown as much promise for consistently improving perioral rhytides.
Benefits & Features :
• Deal for improving peri oral wrinkles
• Multi-function for various skin types
• Superficial and/or deep peeling
• Leaves no dead or burned tissue
• Painless and amazing short healing period
• Inartificial components
• Includes vacuum assistance unit
• Insignificant bleeding during the procedure
• Sophisticated, yet simple to operate
• Only brief one time training require
• Minimum maintenance

The Revolutionary approach for :
• Skin Rejuvenation
• Removal Of Sun Damage & Age Spots
• Beauty Flash
• Unlocked Pores
• Skin Smoothing & Polishing
• Acne Scars
• Hand And Decollete Beautification
• Streatch Marks

Aesthetic Medicine