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The LED stimulates your body's own regenerative mechanism, accelerating the replenishment of collagen and elastin; restoring your youthful appearance. LED Therapy is as gentle and natural as sunlight and water; it is the simple process of stimulating tissues to convert photo energy into cellular energy. This process is called photosynthesis in plants and photo biostimulation in humans. This technology has been studied in the U.S., Canada, and the European Community for over 15 years and is even used by NASA and the US Department of Defense.
Blue light at 470 nm,
(nanometers) improves acne prone skin. It penetrates into the superficial dermis and has a calming and regulating effect on the sebaceous gland.

Green light at 525 nm,
decreases melanin production, reduces pigmentation and eliminates the redness associated with the use of chemical peel and bleaching products.

Yellow light at 590 nm,
used for its healing, draining and detoxifying properties. It is absorbed by the body fluids in the lymph & blood circulatory systems and promotes wound healing. It increases lymphatic flow to evacuate more waste products and boosts cellular activity.

Red light at 640 nm,
increases collagen production by 5 fold in the skin, triggering repair mechanisms and stimulating fibroblast cells and cell growth. It increases circulation and speeds up the healing process by carrying more oxygen and nutrients to the skin. Red spectrum light is absorbed by all skin layers especially the DERMIS.

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