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The MOSAIC is an advanced resurfacing solution based on fractional technology. Less aggressive compared to conventional ablative lasers, the MOSAIC system delivers tangible, measurable improvements to patients of all skin types.

The MOSAIC represents cutting edge fractional laser resurfacing. Operators can precisely control treatment parameters on each individuals, therefore minimizing side effects even for the beginning practitioner.

MOSAIC works by delivering multiple arrays of randomized microscopic laser beams to the skin. These beams produce collimated photothermal wounds of deep, narrow Micro Necrotic Columns (MNCs) that penetrate underneath the epidermis and into the dermis, while sparing surrounding healthy tissues. The micro processed controlled handpiece contains the patent pending Chaos Scanning Technology (CST), which ensures a randomized beam distribution for a uniform lase, verses the conventional paintbrush technique.
Affecting only a small portion of the total skin surface at each session, the MNCs stimulate a natural healing process to initiate long-term collagen remodeling and elastin regeneration. Excess necrotic pigment and coagulated cellular debris are then rapidly re-epithelialized as the skin heals.

Not only is the MOSAIC clinically proven for scarring, sun-damaged skin and melasma, the outcome also dramatically improves overall skin color, tone and laxity. With minimal downtime and side effects, the MOSAIC is among the safest and most reliable resurfacing laser system available.


- Acne scar, Surgical scar
- Traumatic scar, Burn scar
- Straiae

-Perioral, Periorbital wrinkles

Photodamaged Skin
- Large pore, Oily skin
- Brightening of the overall skin tone


Pigmented Skin


Rejunenation of Non Facial Areas
- Neck, Chest, hands, etc

- Automatic Total Density Count
- Short Operation Time
- Chaos Scanning Technology*
- Dynamic and Static Mode
- Multiple Clinical Applications
- Touch Screen w/ Flash Technology
*Patent pending

Aesthetic Medicine