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The Novaplus with Infrared Broadband light is ideal platform for the treatments of :
• Skin tightening (Skin laxity)
• Collagen remodeling
• Stretch marks (various types)
• Acne, Acne Scars

NOVAPlus infrared Emission
The system delivers light energy in the band of 800-1800nm for sustained deep dermal heating through water absorption.

While the epidermis is protected via continuous skin contact cooling the infrared light stimulate dermis fibroblast activity and collagen contraction.

The deep heat with infrared light is shown to trigger a biological effect for collagen remodeling in the dermis resulting in long term effect for younger looking skin.

Endothermic effect for collagen contraction:

The Nova Plus Triple Broadband Light programs:
Option I : Mid-range wavelengths & pulse widths
Application : Hair Removal
Option II : Short-range wavelengths & pulse widths
Application : Pigment & Vascular lesions
Option III : Long-range wavelengths & pulse widths
Application : Skin tightening, Collagen remodeling, Stretch marks & Acne scars

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