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What is Powercell Thread?
Newly Developed Innovative Technique which injects Multiple Threads for Strong Wrinkle Treatment Effect and for Enhancing Cell Engraftment to the treatment areas. The thread is made of PDO Material, which is safe enough to have been used for cardiac surgery

Its Differentiated Advantages are,

Scaffolder Effect for Stem Cells and PRP
- Combined cell therapy by injecting stem cells or (and) PRP together
- High possibility of cell viability and engraftment (Double twisted threads perform a role as scaffolds)

Strong Wrinkle Treatment Effect by Double Twisted Threads
- Differentiated lifting effect, much stronger than single thread products because of its multiple threads
- High satisfaction as a lifting treatment even without cell therapy

- Thread as a supportive material
- Helix structure ( Restore Volume )
- Wound healing ( Collagen regeneration )
- Mechanotension ( Stretching )

- Glabella/ Forehead
- Periorbital hollows / Tear-trough
- Cheek enhancement / facial lipoathrophy
- Nasolabial folds / oral commissures
- Jawlift / Mandibular shaping
- Lips
- Chin enhancement
- Skin rejuvenation

Effects of Powercell Thread Lifting
- Immediate effect
- Minimum downtime & Quick recovery
- Contouring of mandibular angle : Reshaping
- Improvement of facial wrinkles/Firmness
- Tones up the skin
- Restrains the facial wrinkles from aging process

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