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Self-diagnosis systems for safety of CO2 LASER

HM-30 is the on CO2 LASER operation healing machine provided with self-diagnosis system for the maximum safety.

Applicable symptoms

Plastic surgery Freckles, eye brow tattoo, melisma, skin cancer, wart, pimple wound, post - operation scars, ordinary scars, small wrinkles
Surgery Hircismus, section of various types of tumors, disease of rectum, dental inflammation, piles, etc
Gynecologist Operation for recovery of vasectomy, operation of phimosis
Nose, ears, throat department Nasal allergy, snoring

Advantage of HM-30 :

• Thermal effect has been maximized geared to moisture content, blood flow, heat transfer of mutually different biological organism.
• The strength of penetration has been reinforced by stabilizing the laser wave with in visual scope.
• It instantly changes thermal effect of super pulse laser to human body.
• It can select either from continuous mode or super pulse mode. With the provision of system self-diagnosis sensor condition of the machine can be checked very simply.
• Cooling water automatic sensing function (when the cooling water is insufficient it breaks off power.)
• At the time being of occurrence of abnormal power it is possible to stop the operation.
• Convenient control panel (System operation command message) so any user can ise it without any difficulty.

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