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Let the beautiful personalities who have consulted us and undergone our recommended therapies tell you about why they choose KO Skin Specialist. They come from all walks and stages of life, each a testament to the gratifying success of the work we do.

"Lately, I've been getting so much attention because of my skin. I enjoy the compliments I get from fans, friends and family. I come once in a while for treatments because they're effective. My skin is firmer, smoother and brighter. It feels fantastic!"

Salamiah Hassan
Renown Singer

"In my line of work, I need to look good whenever I'm on camera. That's why I'm glad I found Dr Ko and his team. Having a smooth, glowing complexion keeps me looking radiant on TV and on stage that ignites my self confidence. Thank you Dr KO!"

TV3 Host & Artiste

"My treatments were quick and effective, the staff were friendly and professional. And I am pleased with the results, even my makeup artist commented that I need a lot less makeup now during my drama shoots. All in all, I had a positive experience and would recommend KO Skin Specialist to my friends."

Fauziah Nawi
Renown Actress

"I used to have dark spots on my face that make-up could not completely cover. I felt self-conscious, especially when they were visible to the passengers I serve. Thank goodness they're gone now, and my skin has never felt or looked better! "

Nor Zuraini binti Abd Hamid
Air Hostess

"Before, I had insecurities about my body. Now, I feel sexier and so much more confident, thanks to Dr. Ko. Even my customers have commented on the change they've noticed in me!"

Fay Goh

"My acne problems started late in my adulthood, it is frustrating and difficult to get rid of. I'm glad I found KO Skin Specialist. The pimples are gone, and my face is baby soft and smooth just like I never had them!"

Zuraini Binti Abdul Malek
Assistant Administrator