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Unveil your true beauty by smoothing away your wrinkles, by redefining your lips and by enhancing facial contours.

Why hyaluronic acid?
For several years, hyaluronic acid has been used in a variety of medical indications: in ophthalmoloy, rheumatology, dental surgery and, naturally, aesthetic surgery.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally present in the dermis. It is the main component of the skin’s structure that helps hydrate skin tissues. As you age, this hyaluronic acid deteriorates in quality and in quantity and this leads to dermal impairment. Your skin becomes drier, fine lines and then wrinkles start appearing. Your cheeks, cheekbones and lips lose their substance, thanks to hyaluronic acid’s volume-enhancing and moisturizing effect, hyaluronic acid fills your wrinkles and enhance the volume of your lips and facial contours.

Frequently Ask Question

How long will the effects of Surgiderm® last?
The average durability of Surgiderm® fillers range is 9 to 12 months. It may sometimes be shorter or longer depending on:
• Your age
• Your skin quality
• Your lifestyle (smoking and exposure to sun or UVs may shorten the effect)
• The choice of product and the injection site

At what age should I start Surgiderm® injections?
The Surgiderm® range is designed for adult patients. It is n ideal implant for filling wrinkles BUT ALSO for:
• Eradicating imperfections or correcting asymmetry
• Making lips more sensual
• Making facial contours more regular
Is this treatment painful?
• Surgiderm® injections are relatively painless. Local anaesthesia, mainly for injections into lips, can be administered for your comfort when undergoing treatment.

When can I resme my social life?
• The aesthetic results are immediate and very natural looking. You can resume your social life without delay.

Are there any side effects?
Following injections, you may experience slight redness, swelling or bruising at the injected area. Our practitioner will inform you about this.

These side effects will not last and can be easily covered up with your usual make-up. However do no hesitate to inform your practitioner if these reactions persist (beyond a week) if or any other side effects are observed.

What about contraindications?
These do exist. They are not specifically related to Surgiderm® but to this type of treatment. This is why it is important to tell your practitioner:
• About any previous history of pathologies such as: auto-immune diseases, allergies, known hypersensitivity to hyaluranic acid, any tendency to develop hypertrophic scars, immunotherapeutic treatment, if you are prone to problems such as inflammation or infections (acne, herpes) on the injection side
• If you are pregnant or breast-feeding
• About any previous aesthetic treatments, particularly ones based on permanent products. In addition, we recommend you not to combine Surgiderm® treatment with laser treatment, deep
chemical peeling or dermabrasion techniques in the same treatment session.

What are the recommendations to follow prior to injection?
Do not take aspirin drugs at least three days running up to the injection session.

And after injection?
In the two weeks following treatment, we advise you not to expose yourself to temperatures under 0°C, sun or strong heat (UV, sauna, Turkish bath, etc.) for long periods of time.

The information contained in this section is not exhaustive. Before injection, it is essential for you to arrange a consultation with your practitioner.

Surgiderm® can also be injected in men.

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