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1. Fully Filtered Waveform :

Designed for maximum, micro-smooth cutting capability with little, if any, lateral tissue damage. Ideal for initial skin incision and for obtaining biopsy specimens. Best cosmetic result. Fastest healing.

2. Fully Rectified Waveform :

Designed for equal amounts of cutting and coagulating capability. Ideal for subcutaneous tissue dissection and planning of soft tissue. Especially useful in vascular areas while maintaining minimal amounts of lateral heat and tissue damage. Superior healing and cosmetic results.
3. Partially Rectified Waveform :

Designed for direct and indirect hemostasis techniques. Does not create charring and necrotic tissue thereby reducing healing time. Tissue does not stick to the instrument hence reducing interruptions in surgery. This waveform can be used to perform both monopolas and bipolar coagulation.

4. Fulguration :

Designed for spark- generated current. This waveform produces maximum char and necrosis. High lateral heat for maximum hemostasis. Ideal for intentional destruction of diseased tissue.

Bipolar Coagulation

Pinpoint, Micro-Fine coagulation technique. The high frequency radiowaves travel only between the two poles of the bipolar forceps. No antenna plate is needed for this modality. The use of high-frequency radiowaves prevents tissue aghesion to the forceps, making it ideal for even the most delicate tissue structures.

Aesthetic Medicine