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My skin is reborn

The advanced multi-functional digital skin care machine which professionals recommend

Having been recently introduced by medical industry, this new unique ‘Vitamin C ion treatment’ treats accumulation of melanin pigment to the skin. As ionized vitamin C is directly supplied to the skin, it converts melanin pigment, the reason to cause melasma and freckles, and also then inhibits synthesis of them.
‘Vitamin C ion treatment’ has such as remarkable treatment effect as it is absorbed to the skin more than ten times concentration in comparison when it is put on the skin.

It is acknowledged by professionals world wide.

FACE Dr. is a state-of-the art multifunctional digital skin care system that includes vitamin C iontophoresis, scaling, cleansing and lifting as well.

Vitamin C iontophoresis is such an epochal treatment method to treat hyperpigmented skin. Ionized vitamin C is penetrated to the deepest are converted, the reason to cause melasma and freckles.
In addition to that, it prevents creation of melanin pigments.

It is Greek alphabet meaning ‘Moving materials through sonic wave’ originally speaking. When ultrasonic waves touch the skin, pass age to deliver from epidermal skin to dermis is created so that penetration to the skin can be thirty to forty times high.

Vitamin C MAP
As a special vitamin C ionized by an ionic bond of magnesium-phosphate and pure vitamin C, it is an exclusive FACE Dr. vitamin C which has been developed to obtain penetration level at more than 10 times higher than normal vitamin C.

• Ultrasonic deep cleaning
• Ultrasonic scaling of dead cells
• Vitamin C iontophoresis and
• sonophoresis
• Deep hydration
• Simulation of epidermal cell turn over
• Regeneration of collagen and elastin
• Increase muscular tone
• Increase blood circulation
• Power cavitations effect

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